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Social Responsibility

1.the responsibility To make sure the products quality

  Our products are mainly used to improve the welding quality in the electronic processing area.
While improving the quality, we must ensure that the process is simplified, feasible and the batch work is easy to control and realize

2 The responsibility in ernergy saving and environmental protection.

  We each is a very small drop, but if we get together it will be a big rain. The earth now is our only living space. With the human being rapid development and over exhaust, the natural resource are running out gradually and the climate and water resource are polluted seriously.In order to protect our environment, all of our action need to be based on the environmental protect, target in the energy saving and to develop and produce the green product.


3The responsibility for Poverty alleviation and society caring

  The development of the human being is the leading direction of social progress.For the social aspect, we should consider the interest of Human and social as our action priority; For the private, we should help and care for others.KQXH has set the care foundation since its establishment, to help the staffs, Students and social welfare donations, etc. All employees should not forget that he was a member of the big family of social, we not only for the group contribution, but also benefit from the group.




4.The responsibility of Independent and Technical Development

  Technology and Talent are the key factors to realize the above target. We have collected a number of excellent talent who engaged in the research of high-tech content product and customer service. KQXH kept the principle of independence, all of our products and technology has the legal intellectual property . While at the same time we didn't discriminate against the legal co-development.


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