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Test report of the world second biggest OEM factory
Test report of the world second biggest OEM factory

Instruction of Solder Dross Remover

 With more and more LF products coming, the higher temperature caused much more solder dross than tin lead process in wave soldering, even caused higher Nitrogen consumption. The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate the solder dross reductant, JR07-VI, to get the quantitive performance of this chemical and to see how it performs in both tin lead and lead free wave soldering.
Supplier: Shenzhen Kunqi Xinhua Science and Technology     Development Co.,LTD
Model: JR07-V11
The function of this solder dross remover is to:
 Act with Sn oxide  rapidly, deoxidize Sn back to pot
 Form a protecting layer on surface of the pot to reduce oxidation

Initial Sample Test in LF Solder Pot

The small amount test at one corner of solder pot. Solder dross was rapidly deoxidized and formed a thin layer of mixed compound (no Sn included) on surface of the pot.



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