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Promote public civilization from the small things
Promote public civilization from the small things

    August 25th, hundreds of volunteers associated by Bantian Street lauched activities in the markets, roads, metro stations and bus stations with the slogan “build a new harmonious Bantian, be civilized all together”

    The volunteers have been separated in 4 teams: labor team, rectification team, publicity team and civilization team, and took in charge of the regulation of the appearance of the city, the publicity of civility and the direction of traffic.

    “We are always very busy in working, so we can only take advantage of the rest time to do the publicity. We are so happy to see that our city is becoming cleaner and tidier”, said a volunteer from Kunqi Xinhua company. The volunteers association of Bantian street has taken many mesures and played an important role to promote the civilization, they Initiative with concrete actions to the general public “practice civilization, start with me, start from now and start with the small things”, Creating a good atmosphere for further enhance of public civilization index and civilization constructions.


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