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KXI-3600 低应力高可靠性异型无件插件机
•  Wide range of applications. Suitable for most odd-shaped components
•  Patented Positioning Technology, no need for leads bending, minimal vibrations
•  Can be deployed independently or centrally controlled, Network capable
•  Customizable pick-up claws  and nozzles to pick big connectors
•  Automated system , reduces manpower cost
•  High speed and efficient, can install multiple systems for different needs. Auto correction and compensation helps eliminates missing components issues
ICHIMURA Peelable Adhesive  
•  Non corrosive, low odour, quick solidification
•  Low stickiness, quick flow, good coverage
•  Insulation, moisture proof, stable. Reduce stress and withstand temperature   fluctuations
•  Can completely peel off from contact surface after solidify
•  RohS compliant
KXI-3000 热风整平淋涂机
KXI-3000 Hot Air Levelling Coating Machine  

 •  Improves production efficiency, optimize paint utilization,  optimize equipment  utilization

•  Possible for Mirror effect finishes, replaces anodizing and improves automation
•  Water based coating increases film thickness and adhesion, suitable for metals, plastics, glass etc base material
•  Suitable for most shape
•  Uses water based paint, environmental friendly


KXI-6800 纳米有机硅烷皮膜剂
KXI-6800 Nano silane coating treatment agent  

KXI-6800 uses silane technology to develop a phosphorus-free coating treatment agent suitable for use in dipping, spraying applications. It can be use in metal, rubber, glass etc surfaces and provides a colorless 3 dimensional-layered nano film. The film has excellent anti corrosion, anti smearing properties. It improves on the coating levelness, uniformity and adhesiveness, and works well with plastic powder, paint and electrolytic coatings. It is an excellent coating, adhesive pre-treatment agent . It does not contain phosphate or zinc and complies with RoHS、REACH requirements. It produces very minimal sludge and can operate in room temperature. It is an environment  friendly product and can also be used for rust removal processing. It is suitable for both manual cleaning  and automatic cleaning process. 

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