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Business activities
The National Holiday Trip of KunQi Xinhua  [2012/10/10]  (Hits7703)
Promote public civilization from the small things  [2012/8/31]  (Hits7461)
Our Company Carried Out Fire-fighting Training  [2012/8/1]  (Hits7328)
Trip to Xiamen at The Dragon Boat Festival  [2012/6/28]  (Hits8164)
Appreciate the Peach Blossom Together in March  [2012/3/6]  (Hits7406)
The 2011 Year-end Banquet & Annual Recognition Event of Our Company Achieved successful completion  [2012/2/10]  (Hits7719)
“2011 Conference for Development and Cooperation&Annual Meeting of Agents”  [2011/12/23]  (Hits8317)
Our Employees Travelled to Qingyuan with Their Families during National Day  [2011/10/26]  (Hits9775)
Staff Family Exchange  [2011/10/17]  (Hits8438)
A trip to Guilin Yangshuo on May Day  [2011/5/5]  (Hits8080)
2011 New Year Party  [2011/2/14]  (Hits8320)
The Party of Shenzhen Kunqi Xinhua Develop and fellowship 2010  [2011/1/4]  (Hits9369)
KQXH Family days  [2010/12/6]  (Hits9080)
Oct.1st, 2010 KQXH Team Building Trip in Huiyang Danshui  [2010/2/2]  (Hits11028)
2009-9-30 Birthday party  [2009/10/12]  (Hits9491)
2009 celebration dinner of Kunqi Xinhua with all distributors  [2009/5/4]  (Hits9558)
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