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      Passed ISO9001/ISO14001 quality management system
Won the award of Innovation Achievements of China SMT industry from 2008-2009
Team member in SMT Industry of Guangdong Province Electronics Association

      Awarded as"The Best Paper Award" of American SMTA 2009 &"REACH Registered Certificate"
Awarded by Shenzhen Red Cross Society as "Social Public Welfare Prize"
Awarded by National SMT as" the Best Service Prize"between 2009 and 2010
Achieved the Trademark Registration Certificate by ICHIGENA Madrid
Awarded by both CHC and The UNGDO as "2008 the Advanced Unit of China Green Industrial Development"
Our Chairman Mr. Yan Yongnong was awarded as"The National Excellent Scientific and Technical worker"by both CHC and The UNGDO.
Granted by State Intellectual Property Bureaufor Utility Model Patent Certificate of Recycling Equipment For Solder Dross and Wave Soldering Machine" 

        Co-operate with Ceprei Laboratory on the draft of "Standard of Anti-Oxidation Reducer for Solder Dross", and approved by Shenzhen Quality Technology Supervision Bureau and Guangdong Province Quality Technology Supervision Bureau
Officially awarded "the Invention Patent Certificate" by State Intellectual Property Bureau
Joined in ISO and become the member of IPC and SMTA
The Trademark "ICHIMURA、ICHIGENA、MACHIGEMA" were duly authorized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Self-developed "Intellective SFC" and "Customer Registering Management System" software approved by State Copyright Bureau
Entered the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Union and Small-and-Medium-sized enterprise Promotion Association
Awarded as"The Best Paper Award" of American SMTA 2010"
"Social Public Welfare Award" by Shenzhen Red Cross Society
Passed the " Shenzhen Famous Brand" On-the-spot appraisal
Awarded by Longgang District Bantian Community as"Charitable donations enterprise"
" Water-soluble Anti-oxidation Reducer for Solder Dross""Automatic Wave Soldering Machine and "the Standard of Anti-oxidation Reducer for Solder Dross, all of these products have got the prize of Shenzhen New Record".

         Won the title of "30 years of reform and opening-up, Shenzhen electronic and equipment industry innovation achievement
Our Chairman Mr. Yan Yongnong was awarded the title of "30 years of Reform and Opening-up, Shenzhen Electronics and Equipment Industry Innovation Contest"
Honoured as"National High Tech Enterprise"
"Guidelines of Anti-corrosion Engineering and Recmmended Equipment" included our paper
The vice president of IPC International Relations presented Chairman Yan “Distinguished Contribution Award”
Up to now, our company has 10 patent certificates: two invention patents, eight utility model patents, one design patent, two software 
registration certificates.
Our company attended the Kick-off Meeting of IPC Standard on Dross Antioxidant Reducer
Shenzhen “Science and Technology Yearbook 2011” included our products
Our company was invited to participate in the 2011 China ● Guangdong SMT annual conference for academic and applied technology

       Our company joined in Green Industry Promotion Association
Our company formally joined the Volunteers Associate of Bantian Street as a group
We have obtained the American patent certificate of the preparation method and application for Molten metal anti-oxidation reducer.
Our Company won the "Top Ten Green Low-carbon Environmental-protection Enterprises"
Our company won the “Technology Innovation Prize” of Longang District
The local standard of “Anti-oxidation Reducer of Solder Dross” led by our company was authorized by experts.
Our company has joined the association iNEMI
Our Company Won the 2012 Top Independent Innovation Enterprises in Shenzhen
Our Company Won the 2012 Top Independent Innovation Enterprises in China



           ROHM semiconductor assigned senior employee to visit KUNQI and discuss detail cooperation on ICHIMURA JR07 solder dross solution
KUNQI signed strategic co-operational agreement with ZTE on jet soldering machine
Canton provincial standard for solder dross reducer have issued and implemented
KUNQI donated relief materials to Yaan earthquake stricken area in Sichuan province
KKUNQI passed the audit of National Hi-tech Enterprise
KUNQI initially attent the Produtronica 2013 in Munich
KUNQI attent the conference of experts review for industrial standard of solder dross reducer
Canton SMT committee awarded intelligent jet soldering machine with innovative achievement prize
Industrial standard for solder dross reducer passed the experts review
IPC standard for solder dross reducer access to the publicity period

Granted with National Hi-tech enterprises

Mar. 2014 renewed Sony GP validity

Apr. 2014 KIC president Bjorn Dahle visited Kunqi and negotiated mutual cooperation

Cooperated with University Kebangsaan Maylaysia, University Sains Malaysia and Celestica Penang, Kunqi started the study on the comparison of soldering effects between fountain wave soldering machine and traditional soldering machine

May 2014finished the stock reformation

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Add: Room 1301-2, Apartment C, Block 3, Tian'an Cloud Park, Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang  District, Shenzhen City, China 518129
Contact us : 18126259136(Yan yao),18923487296(Changchun Yan)
Tel: (86) 0755-89253020; 89253221   Fax: (86) 0755-89253332
E-mail: nobeyan@szkqxh.com


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